Guenstiger India


Guenstiger India is the smartest way to grow your digital business. For over twenty years, we have been helping clients maximize their revenue and traffic using optimization technologies that operate at massive scale, and across digital ecosystems.

Guenstiger India is a fully owned subsidiary of GmbH – a leading online price comparison and digital marketing organization headquartered in Hamburg, Germany with business spread across Europe. Guenstiger has a vast shopping partner network and has established itself as a single e-Commerce traffic acquisition platform for merchants to drive high quality traffic to their websites. We are a technology-driven company and have engineered the latest state of the art technologies to develop innovative solutions encompassing Comparison Shopping platform, Digital Marketing and Analytics platform for Shopping Campaign Management, Search Engine Advertising & Search Engine Optimization.

Guenstiger is part of Heise Group – one of the biggest networks of online and offline magazines, IT news portals, directory publishing media, shopping portals, and IT services in Austria and Germany. Heise Group is headquartered in Hannover, Germany.

Guenstiger India is based in Gurugram, India.