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Comparison Shopping

Our network of high-growth comparison shopping sites, including and 5 other sites across Germany and Hungary, continually offers unique channels to acquire and engage customers. is a leading online price comparison service in Europe providing products in the area of consumer electronics, household, and leisure goods. Consumers use the portal to easily and quickly compare millions of products and prices from thousands of online merchants and offline retail shops throughout Germany. The portal also provides invaluable information to support consumer-shopping decisions, such as product information, merchant ratings, professional test reports and user opinions. is one of Europe’s most successful shopping portals providing consumers in Germany with price-focused optimizations that are a complement to  
Argep is one of Hungary’s leading price comparison services, offering rich information to support shopping decisions. saves your time by providing best offer for a particular product from thousands of sellers in Hungarian Market. is the place to shop for consumers who are highly price-conscious and we showcase the broadest selection of offers and an image rich UI on This site was designed, implemented and fully launched in July of 2014. Since then, we have been sending SEM traffic with amazing results. is a comparison shopping site in Germany that showcases a broad selection of sellers and assist shoppers with all kind of products purchases.